Friday, May 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home

As much as I am outgoing, I tend to enjoy my own time at my house on Il Viaggiatore island. Traveler Houston has been very kind to share his sim with me. One night, he invited me to the island, just like all the other nights, the only difference was a surprise he had for me. I stepped inside this sweet cozy glass house; taking in all the beautiful garden scenes on the walls and listened to the fountains in the foyer. Then he spoke words I will never forget: "This is yours ... Welcome home!" I was totally shocked, overwhelmed and really for the first time - speachless!

My glass house sits on the edge of a cliff forever watching the stunning sunsets. I spend my nights writing in my gazebo ... its peaceful and soothing to sit alone ... alone with my thoughts and writing. Even in the early evening hours, as I write, I sit in my gazebo enjoying the sunset.

Maybe one day, I will tell you about this man, Traveler Houston.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Raw and Edgy

In RL I am close to NYC, being in the City last night hearing the sounds, tasting the grit, moving with the rythms makes me want to live in the City! I can't describe the pulse of New York ... its something that you have to experience. Everyone feels different about this city ... for me its been a location that I have been in love with for many years.

Outfit: Naughty Designs-Red Plaid Mini; DE-Leather Jacket / Shoes: AFantasy-Dominatrix / Earrings: Ramos-Diamond Studs/ Skin: Bodies by Oh! TrueSkin / Eyes: Naughty Designs-Paris Blue eyes / Hair: Pazazz-Eteranal Auburn

Naughty Designs / Naughty Island

The one design house that I regularly visit is Naughty Designs. Lost and Amby design and create anything from hair to skin and shoes to clothes. Their mall is packed!
The blog is even loaded with upcoming features, updates on launches or events and a place to upload your pics modeling their lastest product ... today I saw my pic!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bodies by Oh!

GiveMeABig Oh really does get a big "OH!" out of me!! The skins and shapes she has in her store, Bodies by Oh!, are remarkable! She doesn't boast about her skins but really they are the best in SL. The skin tone is not monochromatic like other skins. The shading is amazing ... small freckles and look close enough you can see veins. Truely too realistic with great makeup that isn't over done - finally a "TrueSkin" for SL!

Her shapes are designed away from the mainstream look of other AVs in SL. All of her shapes are petite and less busty with a more natural athletic build ... she does have a couple that are busty and on the tall thin side. And lets not forget the BBW line that she also carries - a stunning couple of shapes. Bodies by Oh! carries a complete line of men and women skins and shapes. Stop by Bodies by Oh!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dimentichilo Non

When I am not shopping you can find me sailing my new yacht - Dimentichilo Non! She is a beautiful ship ... a truely well crafted vessel. I have only sailed her in Il Viaggiatore, my home, but she sails like a dream! I can't wait to hit the open waters of SL to see what kind of speed my yacht can handle! Jacqueline Trudeau is the creator and her talent is limitless... she has an eye for detail - every sail, board and rudder are perfect! Check out her marina in Eggar - many many great boats to choose!

PS-This was a RL birthday gift to me!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Last Call

I am so in love with this store ... Last Call! I can't get enough of the designs! She came out with 8 new outfits today ... and well ... I just had to buy one! (ok I really bought them all!! shh don't tell anyone tho!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Helvira Wunderland

I was so excited when Helvira Wunderland contacted me for a photo shoot! I sat for the shoot tonight ... I didn't wear anything special since it was just to see how I would turn out on film. The pics turned out great! She even hung a couple in her studio!! Check out her studio!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Darien Kazakov Photography

This past week has been a blast!!! The highlight of the week was getting an appointment with Darien Kazakov Photography. She is an amazing photographer! Darien really is a laid-back relaxed chick. We had a great time ... the best part is that she shares the pics with you as she takes them - you really can get a feel for her style and flair! It was so hard to choose what photos to put here - all of them are terrific: