Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bohemian Chick

hmmm ... lemme see what's in my closet ...
Many of you know, I change multiple times an hour. Last nite, my friend Pheobe made a wise crack about it. So I decided to stick with one outfit for today. No changing clothes just to change. There should be a reason ... like hanging on the beach, dancing, clubbing, etc. To make myself feel happy, I went on a mission to make a cute casual look for the bolero. Now this is an outfit I can stay in all day!

Eyes: []::Tuli::[] bright blue eyes/Skin: LF CHAI Skin -Honey- Torrid/Hair: ETD Hermia - Chocolate/Bangs: ETD Left Swept Bangs - Chocolate/Bracelets: Argyle - Winter Bangles Gold/Ring: *EMJ* Platinum Canary Diamond Ribbon Ring by Elexor/Earrings: {JUNK} Horn Earrings/Pants: *First Impressions* Flat Front, Wide Leg Pants-Caramel/Tank: *Camie Cooper* Lace Trimmed Lady Beaters (White)/Bolero & Bow: ~~Ivalde~~Joan brown dress 1950 (part of)/Boots: *REDGRAVE* Smoke-Leather

The Bus is Here!

If you parked your bus on my lawn, it will be towed. Please come by to claim it! <3
/me laughs so hard she snorts!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Stir Crazy ... or just plain crazy ...

I went into work today for a short time thinking I could get work done. Well not the case, my phone is non-stop, my task bar is set ablaze from the blinking unread IMs, and I am here blogging. My ADD is kicking in over-drive ... I need out! I was seriously crazy thinking that today would be a good day to go into work for some peace and quiet while I finished a project.
The parking lot was empty (great parking spot close to the front door!) ... but my two office chairs have seen more people sit in them than they did all year!! Granted I really do love my co-erkers, and I haven't been out of my office to gab ... so I guess they are starting to come to me.
I know by now you are thinking "go farking home, crazy chick!" Totally wishing I could but this project has been on my plate now for days and I have been home goofin' off in SL at home. So what do I do ... head into work so I leave the temptation of loggin' in SL. Instead I am blogging and getting caught up on the latest office gossip!! gah!
/me flips through her Ipod for songs as she blogs

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hat Fetish?

After reorganizing inventory for the third time this week, again I found items never even unpacked. This super cute hat from *~*Illusions*~* was buried in my Objects folder. That just made me want the matching coat. Several thousand lindens later, and again another messy inventory, I found myself with an undiscovered hat fetish!

Check out my Flickr pics for the full shots and details

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

May your hearts be filled with love and joy this holiday season!
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2007

We there yet?!

We leave tomorrow for Christmas parties and visiting family ... I have yet to wrap gifts, bake and of course figure out what to wear! With pugs in tow, we will be all ready for Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Christmas Wish

I had this very poetic post written explaining my Christmas wish. Not sure why I hit the backspace button - but I did - and now its gone. hmmm ....

Live - Laugh - Love!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bug Off!

Some days make me wanna throw my hands up and scream at the world "BUG OFF!" ... Lindens surely not loading, stale transactions, cache takes effe-long time to clear, another DL for windlight, and not to mention my friends list not loading. If I TP one more time only to find all my prims up my arse, I am so just leaving them there.

/me looks for a glass of wine ... or the bottle!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Battered Boudoir - Cutie Cobbler

Have you been naughty or nice? Regardless if you are to get coal in your stocking this Christmas ... this outfit is a "must have"! Eloria was so kind to drop on me "Cutie Cobbler" in all 6 colors (Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Purkle, Blue). The top is in a jacket or shirt layer with an additional jacket layer of just the corset (for those who dare to be naughty!).

Battered Boudoir

Monday, December 17, 2007

Time for a Change?

Is it time for a change? Am I known for my monochrome colored hair? I know hair doesn't make the person ... but in a world of beautiful pixels nonconformists are rare. Do I dare march to the same drum?

Drop me a comment ... lemme know what you think!

ah - btw - the skin is Chai and guess what the eyebrows are dyeable - go fugure!!


This past weekend KSU hosted an Open House by sending out guest passes to those interested in "attending school". The campus had plenty of events planned and of course those usual gatherings still happened. Catero organized an amazing event by turning a rarely used building into a DiscoTech. Killian invited me to a Kappa frat party. I even found myself dancing on a library conference room table at one of the many impromptu gatherings. Killian was DJing the stream so tons of emo/alternative tunes while Pheobe (or P2 as I call her) danced on the table! You can always check out the photos on Flickr.

The new Second Style magazine arrived on my doorstep. I quickly thumbed through only to find out I have all the highlighted jackets. I guess I did more shopping than what I realized! Now I did see a new place called Shooz which has fantastically yummy boots ... I am debating on the sleek-style or the more urban-style of the lace up. Maybe a brown in one look and black in the other?! ... oh the decisions!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

You know who you are ...

Some people really are the faces in the crowd or that one that has always been in front of you all along. Many affect you ... no matter how small ... you are affected by them or their actions.
This friend emmerged from that crowd. His timing off but yet somehow right on cue. Every time I see him a smile that has been missing for so long appears on my face.
Only he knows who he is, how he helped me and continues to affects me ...

"Thank You"

updated: 12/17/07

Christmas Cards

Timing is slipping past and I have yet to do my Christmas cards and finish holiday shopping! Yikes! I do have a couple of fairies that could help ...

Disclaimer: I can't be held responsible for their shopping decisions or how they sign the cards!

omg my bewbies are huge in this shot! lmao

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How Many Degrees of Seperation?

As large as SL is we all really do know each other ... its just a matter of meeting that one person to connect you back to friends you already know.
For instance, several months ago, I worked as a hostess for a small dance club and I would usually tp in my friends. One nite not being anything different from any other, I tped in a bunch of friends who then tped in their friends ... who I just happened to meet earlier that week on SLProfiles but never met inworld.
Now with Meme running through the blogging community like wildfire, I found so many writers of my favorite blogs tagging my friends making us connected by only one or two degrees between us.
Its almost freaky how often this happens to me. I do have to admit I honestly have an eclectic mix of people on my friends list ranging from SLebrities to an average person like me. Who would have thunk it that SL really is a small world after all!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let it Snow ...

Today's weather has been awful. It started with hail/sleet turning to rain for the midday then huge fluffy snowflakes for the the afternoon commute. Not the best day to be out so I decided to light our fireplaces ... and light the one in my SL home.
Now if I only had marshmellows for my hot cocoa!
*eskimo kisses*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SL Ruthed on FLickr

Recently I was named Administrator for a group on Flickr called SL Ruthed. I know you have pics of strangers, friends, and maybe just maybehave snaps of yourself looking Ruthed! If you do, come share - we all want to laugh and point I mean politely giggle. *wink*

Check it - Join - Add your picks!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

If Your Friends Jumped From a Train ...

... would you? Ummm .. hellzya! Snooping through Flickr snaps, I saw so many people jumping from this train ... and well I just *had* to try it.
When I arrived, I instantly fell in love with The Far Away. The rusted texutres, the tall wheat fields, and the endless possiblities for the imagination.
AM Radio created this fantastic location. As the popularity grew, he decided to give something back. With every purchase of either a wheat field, rusted car, locomotive, etc., all the monies will go Heifer International Charity.
As I was standing in the fields writing this post, more people started to appear. I stood and watched... many just came to explore, AM chatted with me for a short bit, and then someone (like me) jumped from the train! The longer I stayed the more hidden poses and animations I found ... will I tell you? No. Check it out for yourself... do it all or do nothing at all ... whatever it is - help support Heifer International!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Nothing is more yummy than an incredibly scrumptious gown! Formal attire is key in SL for a romantic dance until the pale pixel moonlight ... or for me - alone in the photosphere with Sting blaring in the studio! :P

I can never have enough gowns. Is it worth the $1200L... so unbelievably worth it!

*DG* Innovations

Got Pugs?

I love actually chatting in SL ... even tho I have used other voice programs before Voice was introduced into SL. More often than not my pugs can be heard in the background or found snoring in my lap as I am in game yakking away! So here they are: Parker and Penny. Consider yourself Pugged!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Eight Random Facts" - meme

I watched for days as random blogs that I troll get tagged and then laugh when friends get tagged ... now because of Catero, I must bow before the power of meme!

The Rules
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Luna’s 8 Random Facts
1. I am a small car lover/freak. I adore tiny two seaters, manual gear shift and European engineered. I would love to have an Aston Martin DB4 or even an MG. But really if its rare and exotic - I typically want it!
2. Weather has never been my friend. During most of my major life milestones some huge weather storm happened. I was married in a hurricane, honeymooned during another two hurricanes and purchased our 100-year old home in a blizzard.
3. My latest hobby has been studying Sears Kit Homes of the 1920s. For some odd reason, I became obsessed with American kit homes. The idea of a bundle of lumber being dropped off and a blue printed handed off and you left to build it ... its just amazing that many of these homes are still standing today ... and with little to no documentation about these homes that dot the American neighborhoods... just look close enough!
4. My lifelong dream is to own and operate my own Bed and Breakfast or Inn. I would love to find a historic property by the beach or in beautiful wine country of California or New York.
5. I have had so many odd side jobs - a golf caddy, ambulance driver, delivered newspapers, chef apprentice, baker, and freelance writer to name a few. These jobs were either at night or during the weekends while keeping a regular full-time career. I would get bored at one side job and find another. (mmm maybe next join the local Polar Bear Club!)
6. Recently I cut off 16" of hair for Locks of Love ... I now have about 1.5" left on my head, dyed the remainder black with red tips! Gawd I love it!!
7. I am a cancer survivor. Go to the doctor - get checked out - it could save your life! I was diagnosed the day before my 21st birthday, fought my battle for almost 2 years and now nearly 7 years in remission. (ok do the math to find my age!).
8. Scrapbooking is a passion of mine. Just like taking snaps in SL, I do that in RL as well... love to flip through pages and pages, album after album remembering all the moments and events.

err - meh tags: Elexor Matador, Eloria LeShelle, GiveMeABig Oh, TheDiva Rockin & Noelyci Ingmann (Ok gimme enough time I will find 8 who have yet to be tagged!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

*ring ring* yeah I need a tow

I pull out my doctor's office I found myself singing as I motored down the street in my brandie-new car. Fun 80s tunes blaring, loving the surround sound system and watching the snow fall as I wait for the traffic light to turn green. Oh! Green! Go! I step on the gas ... step on the gas again ... hmmm ... looks at my dashboard... "Service Engine Soon"


An hour later, I found myself standing in the snow waving buh-bye to my car as it cruises down the street on a flat-bed tow truck on its way to the Dealer for repair.

/me pouts

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Battered Boudoir - Bond Girl Ski Suit

Yesterday I was lrunning around the Kindly State University campus enjoying a snowball fight at (yesh meh usual hangout) when Eloria LeShelle of Battered Boudoir dropped on me her newest design "Bond Girl Ski Suit". What perfect timing!
Its a sleek snow suit that just is that has that "wow-e-wow-wow factor"! Surely to melt the slopes or hide behind trees during snowball fights! Four colors to choose from - White, Blue, Red, and Black. Me, I went for the black for the the blog snaps (go figure!) Super sexy with the open front ... or pair it with any of her tanks for a more modest look. Any Bond Girl or monochromed hair chick would be elated to have this in her arsenal for winter!
Megg Demina, the designer behind Chapeau tres Mignon, teamed up with Eloria to create this incredibly sensual outift. Her store is filled with hats, faux fur stoles, shoes and other yummy accessories. The ice skates are from Chapeau tres Mignon. I was shocked to find my first pair of ice skates that weren't chunky or down right awful ... and still scripted with the skating anims!! I will sporting these on every ice rink I find this winter season.
Today at 10am SLT, Chapeau tres Mignon is hosting a Snow Party! The event will be packed with ice skating, snow ball fight and awesome music. And of course, yours truly will be there!

**Click on any of the pics to enlarge - the details are amazing!!**