Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Thousand Meanings

Unique Word Searches Bring Readers to My Blog: (ones in bold are my favs or made me laugh!)
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My Stumps

This is where I've been spending so much of my time ... I am so in love with my new place, my neighbors are terrific and the house is finally decorated. Even tho my "stumps" aren't very exciting as someone has called my choice in patio design... its home.

/me dances her heart out around the beach dorkily.*
*reference to Launa Fauna's blog post with the Chai skin winners.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SuperBowl Ready!

Tonight would have been when I would pack for the Superbowl in Phoenix, AZ. Due to RL issues, I'll be at home watching the commericals and halftime ... and maybe the game just like the rest of ya. I know I can't really gripe about it since this is the first year I won't be in attendance at the game. I guess I'll always have the found memories of the Miami rain... and those daym good VIP pre-game parties - check out the pics!

Go Eagles ... uh.. umm... Giants!! (so thankful it wasn't Dallas!)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tiny Empires

If I haven't said it before ... I love being in Sparta! Since leaving my last Liege, I took a hit in acres and survived a sabotage or three ... and with the help of a very generous King, my family is rebuilding and settling in just fine. Sparta is quite simply an amazing bunch of crazy, lovable, and unforgettable people. Never has a family in Tiny Empires, in my opinion, been so fun! To boot the group chats are down right hysterical and sometimes silly - oh yeah they actually help each other too.
As of late, the topic of my conversations is Tiny Empires. So it seems I have now come out of "retirement". My own family (new and old) have been just as supportive with the move and are loving Sparta!
Kinda funny I am being labeled a "traitor" from my past family, so I hear. When honestly, not one representative has approached me to ask "hey Luna, whydcha leave?". Instead, "friends" drop off my friends list. So here's the reasoning: its nice to feel apart of a line where my family matters. I said it, I know there will be backlash... but hey, its the truth, from my perspective.

Eh ~ all is fair in love and tiny empires!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am an awful person

I have so neglected my blog for the last few days ... so ...
Check out SLFashionality... hehe and a shameless plug

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Case I Didn't Say It Yet:

I don't like needles!
I mean ... really-come on people ... how many times are you going to stab me to find a fookin' vain?! I feel like a pin cushion!!!! ugh
RL vent over :P

Monday, January 21, 2008

"Pixel Humping for Dummies" & a Ceiling Fan

Yesterday I found a "Dummies" book at The Loft along with some great furniture for my beach house. I invited DeCount over to see the new place. But I had to go AFK for about 5 minutes ... I come back to Decount riding on my ceiling fan's blade and his chat history about this Pixel Humping for Dummies book I have on my coffee table:

DeCount opens the book and takes a peek "ohhhhhh mercy! WOW... page 11"
DeCount makes a note off page 11 and whispers "Page 11.. eye opener!"
"What... im just saying... never thought it possible to do that using 3 prims... some doughnuts and a spanner. Lucky u haven't seen page 12... shocking! 2 nuns, 3 bars of soap and an anti gravity field"
DeCount laughs and reads a little more "Take a small bag of onions.. mix in 3 noobs with no clothes, place on a 1 prim poseball and simmer for an hour.. mix in some bad english and you have noob sex"
DeCount shakes his head " Crazy" tilting the book sideways
DeCount: OMG Is that legal?
DeCount flips the page over and gets a popup page " Oh sweet mercy... "
DeCount tries to open the middle page... but on seeing a glimpse of a neko... changes his mind
DeCount flicks though "Page 23, caring for your poseballs and how to clean them. ... sometimes your poseballs can get...."
DeCount: Oh gross
DeCount puts the book down and stares at you, watches you sway in the wind & pulls faces and smiles picking up a paper clip and aims it at your backside just missing you.... as i chuckle
DeCount fires another, "DIRECT HIT..."
DeCount sits back and acts innocent and opens page 32 on the book... almost throws up a little in his mouth and puts the book back down for good
DeCount riffles through your drawers
"JEEZ Luna..... I'm shocked"
DeCount goes for a spin (on the ceiling fan!)
DeCount feels giddy
You: DEC!!
DeCount looks down
DeCount Beresford: What?
Luna looks up
DeCount: I feel sick

(He's so going to hurt me when he sees this post! /me waves and grins to DeCount!!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Building, Building, Burn Out

After searching a good portion of my day for this yummy beachfront property, I was exhausted. Really that was only the beginning! I spent the entire day building, rearranging, and occasionally shopping (amazingly not for clothes!) ... mainly for furniture and turtles. Yes I have turtles... my place needed a little something cute. Pheobe even named them - Rocco & Roxanne. Now if I can just get a beach garden created *cough* Dax! *cough* I think my place will be set. Oh yeah I need to finish the inside ... like I need a bed ... maybe that's why I didn't sleep yet?!
It was rare that I left the sim except to find furniture. My neighbor stopped to say hello and introduce herself (she's pretty nice). Even a newbie fell from the sky ... why do newbies fall from the sky on my properties?! He seemed pretty cool ... I took him shopping and gave a few pointers. Other than the occasional IM, checking on my Tiny Empires HUD, or a few friends coming over - it was quiet ... it feels so good to be back on the beach ... where I belong.

*Review* Battered Boudoir - Boudoir Maid

**This post simul-posted on Fashionality**

Eloria LeShelle of Battered Boudoir dropped on me yet again another deliciously sexy outfit, Boudoir Maid. It comes in four colors (Black, Red, Pink, and Blue) with a sheer top and two sets of her famous thigh high stockings (light and medium sheers).
She even announced the new Battered Boudoir with this release. The store no only has a new location but also a has a new look and feel - highly recommend to check it out!

Lyanis Sin of SIN shoes designed the sweetest kitten heels to match!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Home Brings ...

... a smile to my little pixel face. For quite some time, I would talk about getting a new place perhaps something by the water. Today was the day! Setting out on a focused mission only to look for land (ok I did go some shoe shopping for like 5 minutes). hehe After searching for about an hour, I found "the" place. Perfect for me ... a good size plot, water, a very friendly estate owner and best of all in my price range!

ahhh .... home ...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its so good to be home

Warning - RL post!

Travelling for work is never fun. This trip has been planned for several weeks for me to bounce around to a few East Coast locations. Last minute, late Tuesday nite, I get a call to not visit one site instead spend the "extra" time in New York. Great for me as its only a short trip but of course a shade too far to commute back home. Kinda forgot how nice New York state is ... and how pretty North New Jersey can be in a snow storm!

Monday, January 14, 2008

eh ... New Headshots?

It was time for new headshots. I didn't realize I didn't have updated closeups. Digging thro snaps, they were either out-dated, used for ads, or really not "just me". Going forward, when I am in my 'sphere doing pics, I promised myself I would capture a few for just headshots.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why Not?!

My day was busy busy!! Sat around with a few Tiny Empires family members doing some shuffling around of subjects and I was finally able to spend some quality time with a very good friend of mine. But really all day I have wanted to get over to a Wild West sim ... no clue why ... just wanted to go - why not right?! Now I went I can cross that off my "Places to Visit" list.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pop Quiz!

My ultimate past-time is blog browsing ... iunno why ... maybe its a look into who people really are? ... eh Whatever - I found this quiz ... I thought to give it a shot:
1) When you look at yourself in the mirror, what’s the first thing you look at? My nose
2) How much cash do you have on you? 33 bones (after tipping the pizza delivery kid)
3) What’s a word that rhymes with “TEST”? Nest
4) Favorite planet? Mercury
5) Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? ugh ... my mother calling to nag me... again...
6) What is your main ring tone on your phone? surprisingly the default one ... I can't figure out how to get a cool ringtone
7) What shirt are you wearing? A long sleeve tee and hubby's Green Latern tee
8) Do you “label” yourself? err label ... mmm no I don't ... or do I? ... mmm
9) Name the brand of your shoes you’re currently wearing? oooh-Might Good Scuffs by LLBean (they RAWK!)
10) Bright or Dark Room? Dark
11) What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? He's a crack-head ... ok no clue if he really does do crack but gawd he's funny!
12) Ever “spilled the beans”? nah I am careful when opening cans ;)
13) What were you doing at midnight last night? In SL trying to get a 2nd wind
14) What did your last text message you received on your cell phone say? "Nioce!"
15) Do you ever click on “Pop Ups” or Banners? Nope, never!
16) What’s a saying that you say a lot? omg!
17) Who told you they loved you last? Hubby
18) Last furry thing you touched? Hubby's face (apparently he's sporting the "mountain man" look)
19) How Many Drugs Have You Done In The Past Three Days? Two - Advil and Aleve
20) How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? None ... its all digital :)
21) Favorite age? 23
22) Your worst enemy? My stubborn pugs
23) What is your current desktop picture? A sunset on a golf course I played in the summer
24) What was the last thing you said to someone? "Can you get me a bottle of water?"
25) If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to change a major regret? I would take the money and run!!
26) Do you love/like someone? of course!

New Blog: Fashionality

Ok crazy shoppers ... its a new SL Blog - Fashionality!!! Pheobe and I decided to write about our SL shopping adventures, outfits and juicy gossip. I am not telling you anymore go check it out for yourself!
Don't worry I will still post here whatever I don't share at Fashionality. Maybe alittle less fashion here and more me (who wouldn't want that?!). If you link Fashionality on your site, lemme know and I will make sure to link ya too!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Got THE Letter!!

YEAH ME!! I got accepted to be an SL Mentor! I didn't tell anyone I applied nor did I even hint to the fact. The fear of being rejected isn't what I don't like ... its telling people that I didn't get the job is the hard part. So ... its official - I am on my way to be an SL Mentor!!

/me grins proudly!

Monday, January 7, 2008


By now I am sure its evident I am a Flickr freak. I am apart of a couple of Flickr groups. Either this group, Second Life - Look Of The Day, found me or I stumbled upon it at some point.
I nearly fell over when I read my mail titled "Congrats Luna". Here I thought it was for some "enlargement" drug or to help lower my mortgage rate. (I don't need help in either department kkthx!) Really it was Jhuzen Ketsugo, the group admin, writing to tell me I won the weekly contest! She's one of the fashion gurus I follow taking her ideas and making them my own. The bolero was something I saw on Felice Haruka* but what really sold me was when Phebs wore it to KSU! The rest of the outfit I just randomly pieced together at some ungawdly hour of the morning (I even asked for help from my friend Catero to find bangles?!).
Ohhh I know this is a long post ... tough... I am excited! :P

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sandbox Diaries

Pheobe and I were up to no good *again* on the grid again. We ended back at the Public Sandbox in voice. I showed up first to look for a good locale for our "coffee & conversation" only to find out they already had a lounge area - go figure! Said lounge area, not-so fem or pink as Phebs and I would like ... but meh ... it works (for now! maawwwahh). After a short while, we realized people were appearing just to hear us talk and it was the same faces as yesterday with new friends gathering. Several hours later, my little brain was scheming ... same faces, good conversation, we haven't been yelled at *yet* to keep it PG ... so why not - "lets create a group for our 'fan' base". Yes I realize these "fans" are more like eavesdroppers with the occasional chatter but hey we gotta start somewhere!
If you want to join our group to find out the next sandbox chat, look for "Sandbox Diaries" in the group search!

"Coffee & Conversation - you bring the coffee!"
Thanks Luthor for the cute motto!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Coffee & Conversation

Phebs and I headed over to a sandbox to rezz out some of my houses. We started talking in the open... decided to rez a coffee table and a few chairs ... soon enough we gathered a crowd. We talked to everyone that either walked by, sat in the empty third seat or those who pulled out their own seats. Topics of conversations were just as unique and unusual as the people that walked near us. Eventually, we were warned about the PG rating. Honestly that didn't stop the laughter or people rezzing their own chairs! Someone rezzed out Danger signs, construction zone thingys and made it snow... amoung other interesting objects! Someone broadcasted the gathering too ... and we had an unofficial geeter to say "hello" to new eavesdroppers and innocent bystanders to our circle. The guys that actually work at the sandbox were pretty cool (hey Davey & 'quid!)
I never really thought that that many people would be that interested in two chicks and their chatter!! We had a blast!!
Coffee and Conversation could be coming to a sandbox near you!!
Phebs - you're picking out the next place!! ;)

My Night

Some nites you just need some me time ... and well a good dance partner. Tonite was so relaxing with great conversation and a periodic snow shower. I also realized I love my electric pink tree ... I guess I should stop watering it?

Thursday, January 3, 2008


edited 1/11/08 - 'cause I can :P

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hair of the Dog

Not quite hung over ... but it feels like a good couch day. Kick back, relax ... and see where the day goes. Hopefully it will take me shoppping! *giggles*

Hair: ETD Maaliyah - Chestnut Blackened / Skin: LF CHAI Skin -Honey- Torrid / Tattoo: ::Garden of Ku:: the Wired Garden / Glasses: INSOLENCE - Danielle Black Glasses / Shirt: *PERSONA* Sheer Buttoned Shirt - white / Jacket: *Muism* [Riders Leather Jacket]_Red / Jeans: [Decoy] Promise Jeans - Dark Denim / Boots: =DeLa*= Boots "Muke" Leopard / Couch: loft3 - Avery Day Bed Reworked

2008 ... Resolutions?

Sharing resolutions on New Years is typical... breaking them in February is common practice.
What resolutions can I live by so in December 2008 I feel that I completed something?
There are so many to make ... and just that many to break. So this year ... no resolutions!