Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KSU Journal: Party On!

My day was typical ... Machinima class and I trekked off campus for some shopping.

mmm really not that typical but it was a quiet day ... not until that nite. Awesome beach party on Lake More Superior heated up the nite! DuckyfreshWatanabe spun some tunes and kept the party rollin' until the wee-hours of the morning. Gawd I am going to be draggin' tomorrow for class. What better way to say goodbye to summer!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

KSU Journal: Crazy & Lovin' It

I have yet to attend class ... but getting to know the social scene very well *grin* Breaking free from the Deltas was my best move so far. I joined the Tappas (Tappa Lotta Assa). Now is this the group that will help hold my legs during those keg stands or hold the Yard while I chugged. The charter reads:
Kindly State Universities underground coed, anti-greek social club. Our main function is to party, start parties, crash parties, be the life of parties, so on and so forth. We do no joining rituals, just have the right mindset, and you're one of us, all you need is the will to be an animal!! We tap the kegs and tap the ass, and those in proper Greek groups finish last!

There seems to be a shortage of housing for everyone. As soon as any room is available, its taken within minutes! Thankfully I have this room for another two weeks. I do have a new roomie, Arienne Anatine, who happens to be good friends with Ducky ... small world!! Ari seems like a fun funky chick that is going to make the semesters fly!

Just Becuase ...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Direction - New Flavor - Still Pink!

By now y'all have realized I don't blog about fashion anymore ... I still utterly adore shopping, accessories, fashion and looking hawt *winks* but really ... can't write about it anymore. Don't know why ... maybe my tastes have changed, my my SLife has gone in a new direction or my wallet can't take it... christ or maybe all the above - who knows *shrugs* On to bigger and hopefully better... regardless of this new path - its going to be me!

Tiny Empires
Wow! I haven't blogged about this in a long time ... where to start. Let's see I would like to welcome new family members Madison Weatherwax and her line as well as Ivy Paderborn. I am hoping to host our first ever family party this weekend ... altho I still have to count the votes. *hehe* This party is really for all of us to meet and greet the rest of the family. Come one, come all ... Its going to be a great time and hopefull I will have a DJ!!

ahh I was finally on TV ... I knew it was my destiny!! mmm really it was I in the background... I am just over her left shoulder. My friend duckyfresh Watanabe is the Host of SCLN's "Thats S'Life" airing Thursday and Sunday at 4PM SLT. She did last nite's show on the Kindly sim. Catch my web TV debut: http://www.slcn.tv/ (check it out while its still airing)

My 1 Year Rez Party
What a terrific first year ... filled with friends, laughter, and yes tears. But all in all a terrific year! I am throwing a party to celebrate my first year!!! I am starting to get invites made and plans set ... be on the look out if you are on my friends list you are surely invited!

**RL Snafu**
Just like Luna, the RL me is just as adorbale, loveable and yes sometimes stupid ... I managed, all by myself, to slice into my middle finger while making a salad last nite. Hoping my finger wasn't going to need stitches (I hate needles) but rather I left the ER as the proud new owner of 8 stitches and a huge gauzed middle finger that would make any road rager proud to give! No typing for me ... but hey it wasn't stated in the release note! :P

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KSU Journal: Finally Free!

Last nite had many unexpected twists for me ... and finally I think this is going to be fun and excited semester!! Honestly it was the first nite on campus I actaully had a great time!

After standing around at the Delta/Kappa mixer, trying to meet new people, I realized that virtually all there already had friends they knew for a long time and many had dates. Not only did it make me miss Steves more but also made me realize its a Clique! I surely don't want to be that rude ever to anyone by not making an outsider feel unwelcomed as I felt last nite. As I stood and stewed watching people suck face, drunkenly fall to the ground, or cat fight over the small amount of Kappas, I realized I don't want to be apart of the Deltas.

I ripped off my Delta pledge pin and dennounced my pledge. Gawd that felt good!

Just outside of the gym was a small impromptu bonfire where I met three new and terrific friends - Mereille Despres, Abe Ruff and Duckyfresh Watanabe. Mereille seems to be a quiet shy chick with a wild side just waiting to com out, I just know it! Abe, well, he's just Abe (I think his dorm room is padded, but hey that's why I like him!). Now Ducky, she's wild and crazy ... she talks the talk and walks the walk. Why do I have a feeling that I am going to get expelled from KSU!?

The nite was filled with Abe trying to roast his nuts (aka jump over the bonfire) or take me back to his room, stealing a campus police vechile, Ducky streaking thro the Greek mixer, and me nearly peeing my pants from laughing so dam hard!

I love KSU!!

Photo courtesy of TheDiva Rockin ... oh yea she so rawks! thanks again!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KSU Journal:

After being off campus all day, I needed some relaxing "me" time. I tossed on my most fav comfy lounge pants and climbed into bed. After laying there, counting the dots on the ceiling and listening to the chatter in the dorm, I realized my bed sucked. Time to go shopping! I hopped in my new Mercedes and drove around to the local furniture stores. Let's be honest the tiny farming towns that surround KSU aren't exactly Park Ave. *sigh* Finding nothing and feeling frustrated, I decided on this "build-your-own" option. After two hours, three broken finger nails and using words that would make a sailor proud, my bed was finally ready to use.

Yes me, I built something! No I didn't bride someone to help or even ask for help! I would say it would make my parents proud ... but really my father would have been upset that I didn't outsource and my mother would be angry that I was now slightly sweating and in much need of a manicure. I guess this is what college life is about - learning about yourself ... right?!

At any rate, I do have to dig through my closet for a cocktail dress. Tonight is the first Greek mixer! I have no date (since Steves didn't join me at college ... I miss him so much) and I don't know a soul on campus as of yet. The event should be a great experience and hopefully I will have a dance partner or someone to talk to ... here's to hoping!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ah the Great Pumpkins!

I ventured out a few days ago on the "Great Quest for Furniture" ... and returned with ginormous pumpkins. Ok so its not furniture ... but could be if carved the right way! hmmm not sure if I really recommend that ... yeah I don't. I still don't have furniture ... but I got big mellons!
hmmm are pumpkins mellons?! They are now! :P

Saturday, October 20, 2007

KSU Journal: Catch Up!

As soon as I got my acceptance to KSU for the freshman semester, I packed my bags and loaded up my brand new Mercedes that Daddy gave me. The campus was bustling with students, my dorm was already packed. I found a room that was compoletely unoccopied that didn't face the street. Since there is no elevators, the first floor was the way to go.

To celebrate the first day on campus, I headed over to the bonfire hoping to meet people. The parking lot was filled with the usual suspects - cheerleader-wanna-bes, pot-heads, and those just wanting to look cool. All in all it was a great time filled with beer, dancing and the occassional scent of sweetness when the wind blew in my direction. ;)Just yesterday, my roommate, Elizbeth, moved in! She seems very nice ... I am looking forward to a great year with her! I am pretty well settled in my room at this point. I do keep changing a few things and rearranging the bed ... ok so I am not really settled in but hey I have all semester to figure it out! For now its kicking back on my bed with my headphones beltin' out the tunes!!The 14th Annual KSU Harvest Festival started this morning and is lasting all day. The street is closed off and decorated with straw bales, bobbing for apples and *omg is that* a Kissing Booth! (don't worry, Steves, I will be good! :P) Besides all the activities, its the chance to pledge one of the two greek houses on campus and pick up cool KSU logo stuffies. Of course, I pledged Delta Zomma Omega! Where else will I find people like me on campus?!
There is talk about classes opening soon... I guess will have to sign up for something. I am more interested in people watching and figuring out what to wear ... but I guess spending time in class will be fine. *sigh*
Steves has dediced not to join me in college ... so I am off to meet more people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


*vent on*

I have had limited time in SL lately ... so blogging is at a premium. I took some kewl pics of KSU, my shopping spree stuffies and just plain ol' randomness. After o-so-many attempts of uploading the dam pics into Blogger, I can't seem to add effers! I tried as links, pics, and HTML code (shhh don't let it out I know coding). For fucks sake - upload the pics already!!?!?? *walks away from the 'puter before any innocent peripherals get hurt*

*use your imagination & insert pic of ye ol' "single finger salute"*

*vent over*

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just All Over

Yeah I know I have been totally slackin' in the blog post department ... altho my rate of new posts has been on an increase *insert cheesy grin here*

So I got the new Federation HUD for Tiny Empires ... and umm yeah ... lost all my gold and my "citizens" either died or left town (hell I would too!). The HUD at first was exciting, lots of new "adventures", cool "upgrades" for my castle... and then I realized I spent nearly 3.5 million gold in just over an hour! Then it hit ... a Famine! *zoinks!* What the heck caused that!?!? To help my faux kingdom its gonna cost how much?! That's when I really regreted the new marble columns for the castle and beautiful lush gardens!! I knew I should haven't done it since the marble wasn't pink ... I sooo knew it! So long sad story, short ... I asked the creator for a reset in game (super nice guy too!). *hangs her head* My mini kingdom went back to the pixels they game from ... and I am back to ye old TE HUD.

You are reading the blog of one fo the first students at Kindly State University!! Yup that's me - a college student! Maybe this time around I can finally perfect my keg stand! I was so excited to see the group invite to join the University ... and then to see I was only the third or fourth person in the group. As of tonight, there are 31 students (and quickly increasing!). The sim is yet to be opened ... but they are accepting applications on a first come first serve basis. OMG, don't ask what I put on my application *closes eyes and smiles to herself* Don't know what KSU is all about ... read one of my fav blogs - Mean Girls Guide to SL .

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tiny Empires: Federation

"Tiny Empires: Federation is an add-on to Tiny Empires. The TE: Federation hud replaces your old Tiny Empires hud, but you will still play in the same empire as everyone else. You can still interact with players who do not have the add-on, but they will not have any of the new features available to them." Yesterday logging into SL, I was greeted to an offline message that mentioned this "update" for Tiny Empires. After a quick conversation with him, a received the notecard about the add on. I asked around about it... many have yet to hear about this new feature.

This morning, I ran over to the update center and purchased if for myself. The "offers" you receive are much more game play verbage then the typical yes/no questions. Still the game game but more driven like an adventure role-playing.

I do enjoy Tiny Empires: Federation so far ... and you know me, I will surely give my opinion if I change my mind!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have You Hugged a Pug Today?

I adore pugs just as much as I love pink. Pugs, to some, are the ugliest dogs but I don't care - to me they are just so dam irresistible!
Today was like any other, I was playing Tiny Empires and minding my own business ... gawd no one is going to believe that ... *sigh* Here's the "real" lowdown - I got an offer to bribe someone to join my family and sent them an IM to coax them. I got an IM back from their liege *giggles* ... checked her profile (like I always do) and there is was - - Anipets! She had created two types of pugs - one to carry and an animated one. I am now the proud owner of two wrinkly prim pugs! *puggie snorts*
Just wait until Steves finds out that he has to walk them! (kidding, they are prims! just like prim babies, ya toss 'em back in inventory!!)

**In RL, I am owned by two pugs - Penny & Parker**

Our New House

Yet another reason to add to the "I have the best guy in SL" list! Steves bought me the house that I have been drooling over for so many months ... seriously I visited Dark Paradise just to see the sample house!
As much as I loved my other home and the modern design ... this one is so radically different I love it just the same. The warm tones, the open floor space and genuine feeling of home is what drew me to this design. Nothing in SL matched what I have been looking for for so long.
Now its off to look for furniture! If you have any ideas where to look for stellar designed furniture, please leave a comment.

Steves and I dancing on the upper balacony

Monday, October 8, 2007

Playing Dress Up

Its always fun to dress up ...
Moulin Rouge

The Bellagio

Battered Boudoir - Indian Summer

Yes 'tis that time kiddies ... its Autumn! Even tho the weather forecast is 15 degrees over the norm in my corner of the world. Eloria, once again, was a sweetie and shared with me her latest and greatest... Indian Summer! Battered Boudoir
outfit: Battered Boudoir - Indian Summer/Boots: Maitreya - Bloom (Olive)/Necklace: Double Band Kitty Collar With Bell by *Escape*/Wedding Rings: Fantasia by RH Engle/Skin: NST Hybrid II: Nymphet - Face #5 by Nevermore/Hair: ETD Bonita II (White Pack)/perfect illumination system

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nothing to do

Today marks the first real day of being Stevesless. Since I was off traveling in RL for a portion of the weekend, I came back to questions about our rental properties. After the IMs, it was time to shop and really just explore... really nothing too exciting. So what to do until Tuesday when my Steves comes home...

Friday, October 5, 2007


I know ... I really haven't blog in awhile ... really its been all me. I have been fighting off a sinus infection - which translates into - YUCK! But fantastic meds - thank you modern medicine!! *huggs*

This weekend I am away ... yes again! I will be back late on Sunday. Only to arrive into SL without Steves. Yea, its a Stevesless weekend and most of the week. I am really going to miss him. Surely I will need some shopping and clubbing time with friends to help the time pass.

Steves left me in charge of the Shadow Studios locations (hehe) while he is away! I have always wanted to be left alone in a jewelry store - wuwuu!!