Sunday, March 30, 2008

Me Update

**Pic removed due to someone's face being all sortsa messed up**

I took a small break in blogging ... yeah ... like 2 weeks. I just couldn't stay away but really that writing wasn't me. It somehow lost its spunk ... eh. At any rate ... I'm back and ready to ramble!
Lots happened since I last wrote an update - so best place to start is at the beginning ... or where-ever that would be ... right?
I moved sims. Yes I'm still on the beach and with stunning sunsets but not the corner. Lately I have been moving often. I had some serious issues with knuckle headed neighbors at my last place. Why do people not understand security orbs? I mean really ... why keep flying over only to be TPed back to your home location? But really I would love to share the wonderfully colorful vocab they shared with me ... but wow I even blushed over some of it!! (ok not really but did I at least make you think I'm sweet and innocent?!) :P
New land means a new house ... no more huge white mansion. Now its a sweet home from The Loft. My new addiction - The Loft's furniture. I think I own about 80% of that store! Over the course of my posts you will see snaps of the house as I plan to use it as a backdrop.
Speaking of snaps, I haven't been truly *that* busy with Flickr. I have a few builds planned for some super sensual shots and story lines. Currently writing the one story line. Hopefully the upcoming series of pics will compliment ... and more series to follow.
Lately, I've been so utterly thankful to have two wonderfully fantastic friends by my side for so much of the muck in my slife. They are always with me (which I adore them for) ... not a day goes by with out these two! A huge thanks to Oscar and Pheobe for always being so awesome!!
*The above pic is the "behind the scenes" shot for an upcoming post on SLFashionality*
Fashionality is up and running in good health! Pheobe had done some adorable pics for the last couple of holidays. I tosssed up a few posts earlier this morning ... as I was on a role with simple outfits. Keep an eye out for more great stuff from her ... and well, me too. hehe
Off to cause trouble somewhere! ciao!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

oh yeah ... I'm Back

Totally forgot to say:


Did you think I would be able to stay away that long? Tomorrow will be an update ... but loads have happened ... and found some awesome friends along the way.

Let the blawgging commence!

3 Basic Rules of SL Dating

Dating in SL isn't too far removed from RL dating. There are three basic elements that any relationship needs to be well just that a "relationship". If one fails, the relationship is well ... over or in some cases, never had the chance to start.

1 - Talk. A basic way to connect. Surely we all don't speak the same language in SL. Still many overcome those barriers. It doesn't take much to open an IM window and say "Hey!". Talking shouldn't be started only by one party. Its a two-way communication.

2 - Spend time together. Pretty easy, or at least one would think it would be easy if you enjoy each other's company. Invite your squeeze over for hour long conversations while cuddling, dancing or sitting on your new Pillow Talk Patio Set. This time should not be spent in IMs or busy with other SL matters (only thing to trump this should be RL).

3 - Cuddle/Touch. Just like RL, people crave affection. Again, head over to your fav pose ball store ... or like me PillowTalk pillows are all over my property. Great for when friends visit but also when you want to relax with your special one.

Good luck ... and try these techiniques sometime and see how far you will get when you send a TP to your cutie-pie.

**Luna's Note: I'm single! Just in case there are any blurred lines.**

My Paratrooper

May Godspeed!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

blog break

When I started this blog, I've said I wouldn't take a break from sharing my slife's story. Its become my journal, something that has truly grown with me through my SL days. Altho, I do think that the quality of writing is now lacking and has been venting in essence... which isn't me ... or at least not how I perceive myself.

My Flickr and SLife will continue ... just not blogged. Flickr has become a more creative outlet for me at this time. You will be able to see a more the lighter side of my writing that I so completely enjoy and miss.

With a very heavy heart, this is a break from writing here ... SLFashionality will continue. For the moment, there will be no more glimpses into my RL, no more SL stories to share ... someday (hopefully soon) I'll return refreshed and ready to bring you all long on my SL adventures.

Great big hugs!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Eyes

picture credits: Oscar Page

An Apology

I owe a very sincere apology to someone who has become utterly close to me. I've disappointed him by leading him to think I doubt him. I am so sorry for allowing him to believe he doesn't have my full support. Never was that my intent.
I'm a fairly private person when it comes to those I hold dear to me. By posting a public apology, I'm hoping he'll see how much he means to me and that we can move past my, for lack of a better word, ignorance.

I am so sorry.

Press Release: PSG Academy

Kings Bishop, March 17, 2008 - Jumping on the bandwagon of in-world education providers, the Public Sandbox Group has established a brand new Second Life building and scripting academy in the Kings Bishop region for users of the virtual environment.

Launched on March 10th, 2008, the PSG Academy provides free classes from basic to advanced levels for those interested in building and LSL scripting. With over ten years worth of collective in-world experience, the staff offers these classes in two-hour hands-on sessions, several times per week in a set timetable. Class schedules are available in the Kings Bishop campus and at each sandbox welcome area in Mauve, Columbia and Hyboria.

Not only does the PSG Academy cover the aspects of Second Life content creation most eagerly demanded by its users, it receives the same high quality resources as the Public Sandbox Group to provide a safe and secure environment for learning. The PSG Academy group is also available for free enrollment to allow rapid and widespread notification of class changes or event updates.

This brand new learning hub also hosts a continuously-growing resource center stocked with scripts, gadgets, builds and textures made available to the public in addition to classes and other events. These resources are intended for learning through hands-on application and reverse engineering.

The Public Sandbox Group marketing and promotional team aims to emphasize the importance of in-world education and plans to expand on the value currently offered to its sandbox users. As a firm believer that user-made and user-driven content is the key to any virtual experience, the PSG Academy will become a spearpoint project to bring the opportunity of self-creation and shared empowerment into the world of Second Life.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some sort of Meme ...

This is has seen this Meme-sorta-thingy floating around on several blogs. Not until last nite when I was just standing around, did I get the idea to at least start ...

1. Go to (don’t sign in)
2. Type in your answer to the question in the search box.
3. Use only the first page to look for the appropriate answer.
4. Copy the HTML and paste under the question for the answer.

1. What’s your name?

2. Relationship status?
fucked up

3. Favourite colour?

4. What are you listening to right now?

5. Favourite movie?

6. Where is your dream vacation?

7. What’s your favourite dessert?
Creme Brulee

8. One word to describe yourself…

9. Your eye colour is…

10. The last book you read…
Photoshop For Dummies Book

11. Night or day?

12. Oranges or apples?

13. Chocolate or vanilla?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

updates sux

grrr ... how many times do I have to download the stoopid update thingy?! what is the deal?! I had this super artsy-fartsy pic planned ... I refuse to do it if I can't get Windlight to run correctly. What am I doing wrong?! ugh ... yes comments are off too ... I am not dealing.

/me shakes fists while logging back into lamo regular version.

Consider me grumpy and not changing. :P

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh Lookit A Post!

yeah yeah yeah ... I haven't blog lately. I promise all is well ... I'm just being a lazy bum goofin' off. Well that isn't really true tho ... I finally started landscaping and actually tried building.
Landscaping is easy - buy, rezz and adjust (aka Luna-proofed).

Building is another story...

After nearly 16 months of SL, I've never built a thing. After minimal sleep and some guidance, the 100-prim fountain was created! Yuppers its 100-prims but the textures rawk *hugs you!*. All-n-all, it was a relatively positive experience and the best part, no nails were broken.
Big Hugs and Thanks to all who helped me. Funny, most of them came over wearing tool belts, what's that all about ... are my schemes that bad that we now wear tool belts to help me?!

/me runs off to buy a pink tool belt

Friday, March 7, 2008

Such A Slacker!

I see I haven't blogged in awhile ... not like me to not blog. I've had a hectic week ... gave my notice at work as I start at my new company in mid-March, we've started demo-ing the kitchen, and planning to go to Vegas for my birthday in May - the big three-0!!
As for SL news: Pheobe and I are planning a cute post for Fashionality tonite - I adore these outfits we created!! I'm uber excited for The Loft to re-open this weekend (3/9) - I'm a huge fan! Also, I am starting at the MODA modelling school on the 11th. I'm even thinking about planning a housewarming party for my new place for maybe next weekend.

*Pic is of Parker at 2 months old in our guest house before the remodel-I so don't miss those pink carpets-yuck!*

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coffee ...

Thanks DeCount for the laugh ... now where's my coffee!!

Pin Up

I found this freebie skin - completely black and white... and was utterly inspired using the Boudoir Rouge poseset. I will give the details over at Fashionality tomorrow as it's so ubber late for me ... I have yet to go to bed. oops ... hehe ... who needs sleep?!