Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering September 11th

On this day, six years ago, I was working in the Finance industry. That morning as I drove in, it was surreal, traffic was light and the skies were a crisp blue with thin white clouds over the Philadelphia area. As I drove over one of the many bridges on my commute, I thought to myself that today is one to remember, not knowing that this day would mark a day when I lost many friends.

I can remember standing on the trading floor, nearly frozen, watching the tvs above. The floor buzzed around me with Brokers trying to call friends and contacts in New York. Direct dial lines were not working, cell phones were useless but still somehow reports of people's where-abouts started to come in ... lists were made; names counted.

Due to the uncertainity of the next attack, our site was dismissed for the day. I drove home on silent highways then I realized ... I was able to go home.

Never forget.