Friday, May 23, 2008

Entertain Me

Princess Luna

I'm BORED! SL has become utterly boring for me ... its beyond dull.

Tiny Empires is chuckful o' lacklustery goodness - surely not like it use to be ... what is the deal with the new Trader schedule and now 40+ independent Kingdoms?! Geez, I even pulled out this old pic that I did when I first joined Sparta (funny that I didn't have a title then and still not now ... hmm oh well guess that's what happens when I left and returned back to Sparta).
Decorating the house is, well, completed.
Landscaping its still just as painful ... I keep moving the same palm tree.
Fishing ... gawd how many times can one click "cast" ... or F2. (I still sorta-not-really do tho ... glutton for punishment I guess.)


Shopping can be fun ... but only as "Chunk", my alter ego who is known to wonder the grid eating popcorn and wearing head-to-toe pink (basically its a bootie-shorts jumpsuit, pink sneakers and pigtails) ... oh and *only* with certain people... in the end no *real* shopping occurs, just the occasional popcorn throwing. (Potentially a pic of her shopping this weekend ... *if* you're lucky! hehe)

Maybe its time for a change... again. Status quo blows and is unacceptable.

Please ... someone ... entertain me!